Connecticut, 1980

Lives and works in New Jersey and New York


MFA, NJCU 2010

Prof. Studies-Advanced Painting, SVA 2006

BA, Fine Art, MU 2005


I have often been reluctant to talk about my work. I have even been hesitant showing or exhibiting it - I suppose that can be problematic for a painter.

The images I choose to paint, rather the ideas of the images, I treat very personally, almost protectively. I see them as fragments of private journal entries. After all, they address my personal situations and struggles, or whatever I might be experiencing in my life. 

I am fascinated by the complexities of the human figure (physically and existentially), and I think to myself “how can I obliterate it?” The battle, the push and pull, of what the image actually is and how I treat it on a painting surface is a constant in my work. The struggle to have something familiar and discernible and see it teeter on the edge of being destroyed or marred. Intentional mark making and the evidence of changes and mistakes are scattered throughout all of my paintings - that says a lot about my thought process, my internal mechanisms and how aggressive and oftentimes emotional I can become. 

At once, I am both a simple and difficult person. A delicate and volatile painter.

This is me and this is my work.